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Making it Easier to Sell and Service Flood Insurance

Simply the Best Flood Platform on the Market.

Torrent's flagship product is TorrentFlood®, the industry's only 100% real-time, 100% web-based, and 100% paperless fully integrated flood solution. It is simply the industry's most robust, flexible and user-friendly platform on the market.

Write Your Own (WYO) insurance companies and agents can now participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) with the easiest-to-use, most compliance-oriented administration capabilities in the industry. Backed by Torrent's unparalleled flood industry expertise, technical innovation and support, and client-scalable service and pricing structures, TorrentFlood® and Torrent have earned the trust and respect of dozens of industry clients and partners, including the NFIP.

TorrentFlood® is the flood platform of choice. Here's why.

Intuitive Compliance®

TorrentFlood's® Intuitive Compliance® ensures agents can process flood insurance quickly and with confidence.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































TorrentFlood® leverages the latest technology to ensure that Torrent clients can boast the highest levels of FEMA compliance. NFIP jargon is replaced with standard language which agents can understand. System navigation is easy. Dynamic screens only ask for data that pertains to the risk being quoted and updates as the user enters further information. Built-in editing assures the policy is issued correctly, the first time. Industry standard interfaces to homeowners and excess flood systems mean less rekeying of data, drastically expediting data entry, and reducing chance of error. TorrentFlood® was designed so intuitively that the average policy takes less than 3 minutes to issue.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The Speed of Real-Time Transactions

TorrentFlood® delivers the most comprehensive and fastest policy issuance, policy access and updates, and retention management in the industry.

Because TorrentFlood® is a true real-time transaction processing system, over 60% of Torrent policies can be issued instantly, requiring no manual underwriting review. For transactions that require underwriting review, agents can contact the Torrent service team and obtain the policy declarations immediately. Complex flood underwriting and policy issuance that used to takes days, now take minutes.

With TorrentFlood's® policy versioning and history the exact state or version of a policy can be instantly viewed, with the capability to navigate back through the policy history to see its state at any given date, prior version, or policy period. This includes all associated documents for the entire history of the policy. TorrentFlood® also allows agents, mortgage companies, and even insured to easily view and pay renewal bills, with an updated declarations page for the policy delivered in seconds.

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Unite the Power of Torrent with Your Brand & Write More Flood Business, Faster.

Torrent's GetFlood® is a simple to use yet powerful, real-time website interface that enables consumers and agents to quickly obtain flood insurance quotes for a property. The GetFlood® system is also customized with the insurance company's name and logo, conserving and enhancing company branding in the eyes of the consumer. With GetFlood®, companies, agents and producers will rapidly generate quotes, track leads, and write more valuable flood business, faster. Period.

Claims Reporting & Management Power Tools

Effective management depends on fast, reliable information, and going paperless with TorrentFlood® has supreme advantages. TorrentFlood® provides clients and their agents with 24/7 instant and easy real-time access to flood insurance claims data – better and faster than any flood vendor in the industry. TorrentFlood's® claims management tools offer snap-shot dashboard views, plus over a dozen standard reports that can be run in real-time, giving WYO companies, agents and adjusters the most up-to-date status on their claims. All report results can be easily downloaded from the TorrentFlood® browser in 6 convenient data formats. Torrent's specially designed interface with adjusting firms to electronically deliver adjuster assignments and receive adjuster reports assures that claims are handled accurately, quickly, and with timely claim payments.

Unmatched Service Levels & Support.

Torrent's seasoned team members have the expertise and customer service acumen to deliver service levels unparalleled in the industry. All clients are provided with a dedicated customer service team of skilled underwriters, each with an average of 8 years of NFIP experience, and ANFI certifications. With the simple click of a button, Torrent's FloodChat® also provides instant interaction with a Torrent underwriter, delivering the same highly responsive quality of service Torrent offers by phone.