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Making Flood Insurance Easier and More Efficient

Auto-Population of Key NFIP Rating Fields for Risk Rating 2.0 and Beyond

With Risk Rating 2.0 (RR 2.0) and all new business going forward, agents are required to gather new underwriting information from insureds for every flood insurance policy. This takes time. Independent agents align with solutions that require the fewest inputs. 

Torrent leads the market with an auto-population option on the TorrentFlood® platform for many key National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and RR 2.0 rating criteria.

This option saves agents time and supports more accurate,  consistent flood insurance applications.

Auto-population is an optional enhancement and a configurable feature in the TorrentFlood platform. Once enabled, auto-population is available for both new and renewal business.

  • New Business: After an agent enters an address in an application, the TorrentFlood system automatically connects to third party vendors to determine if information is available. On a real-time basis, available building attribute data automatically populates to the application and quote. Agents will only need to validate and, if necessary, update the auto-populated information.

  • Renewals: Under RR 2.0, agents are required to fill-in the needed RR 2.0 rating information. When an agent enters a specific policy file/application in TorrentFlood, third party vendor data automatically retrieves and populates for select fields. The agent verifies the data and amends as needed.

Give your agents what they want: Time savings and a streamlined flood insurance application that is simple to understand.