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Torrent's flagship product, TorrentFlood®, is the industry's most robust, flexible and user-friendly platform on the market today. That's because we employed proven and contemporary technology when developing our system. With an acute focus on data accuracy, FEMA compliance, real-time transaction processing and the easiest-to-use interface found today – we ensure your agents can process flood quickly and with confidence.
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Torrent's single most important asset and distinguishing characteristic is our service. While TorrentFlood® gives our client companies an amazing competitive advantage, service is our number one priority and life-blood. In fact, TorrentFlood® was designed specifically to support our proprietary servicing methodologies – ensuring you and your agents will not find better service anywhere else!
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Changing the Future of Insurance Services and Technologies

Torrent Technologies, Inc. provides fresh technology, innovative solutions and customized services for insurance companies and the U.S. government.. Our flagship product, TorrentFlood®, revolutionizes FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and improves the way in which insurance companies participate in the Write-Your-Own (WYO) Program.

Utilizing the latest technology and deep industry expertise, Torrent's partners enjoy advantages unparalleled in the industry. Here are just a few:

Easy & Accurate – Torrent's Intuitive Compliance™ ensures every flood application is easy and accurate. NFIP rules and regulations can be confusing to anyone. Intuitive Compliance™ uses patented technology and processes to take the hassle out of writing and managing flood policies.

Flood Integrated Technologies (FIT) – Torrent has compiled industry-strategic partnerships within its FIT program to provide a powerful alliance of insurance-related vendors to offer fully integrated solutions into the TorrentFlood® platform to ensure a seamless agent experience. With the latest technologies and tools fully integrated into our system, Torrent has removed the need to navigate back and forth between systems to get the information an agent needs. Get FIT and get it all at your fingertips.
Knowledgeable Staff – At Torrent our underwriters have an average of 8 years of experience in the flood insurance industry. Torrent also provides the highest underwriter-to-caller ratio in the industry. This means you get the right answers fast.
Flexible Servicing Options – Our system is designed to give our customers the flexibility to customize the services Torrent manages, while leveraging their own resources for cost savings.

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