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Torrent's flagship product, TorrentFlood®, is the industry's most robust, flexible and user-friendly platform on the market today. That's because we employed proven and contemporary technology solutions when developing our system. With an acute focus on data accuracy, FEMA compliance, real-time transaction processing and the easiest-to-use interface found today. TorrentFlood® ensures your agents can process flood quickly and with confidence.



Intuitive Compliance

Intuitive Interface for Agents
We know agents don't have the time to learn new complicated systems. That is why TorrentFlood® was designed to make you proficient from the moment you first use our system. No more lengthy training sessions, frustrating follow-up phone calls/faxes or flipping through manuals.  Our system helps familiarize you with the unique NFIP rules with inline help screens, easy navigation, and behind-the-scenes corrections that ensure your policy and claims processing is accurate before going to FEMA. Read more about our patented technology.

Flood XP

FloodXP™ - Quote to Dec in minutes
TorrentFlood® was designed so intuitively that the average policy takes only a few minutes to issue.  Now that's fast! We know flood is only a small part of what you do each day. With FloodXP™, our goal is to get your policy issued as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day.

Online Payment Options – eCheck/Credit Card / Agency ACH
Need to get that policy issued for a loan closing ASAP? No sweat – just select one of our online payment options so we can get that DEC issued for you immediately! Because TorrentFlood® is a true real-time transaction processing system, over 60% of our policies can be issued electronically requiring no manual underwriting review when paid online. This is because TorrentFlood® is a true real-time transaction processing system – the only one of its kind in the industry. For transactions that require underwriting review we can issue these policies in minutes after the documentation is submitted and Torrent's service team is contacted. You won't find these service levels anywhere else in the industry!

WF Special Risks
Fully integrated Excess Flood
Does your policyholder need excess flood insurance? No problem – TorrentFlood® is the only platform today that offers a completely integrated Excess product, reducing time consuming rekeying and coordination.

Flood Chat
Don't have time to pick up the phone? No worries. With a simple click of a button you can be interactively chatting with one of our underwriters and receive the same quality of service that you do on the phone.

Pay Renewals Online
Other systems let the agent pay renewals online.  TorrentFlood® allows agents, mortgage companies, and even insureds  to quickly and easily view and pay their renewal bill. When using a credit card or e-check they can even receive an updated dec page for the new policy period in seconds.




Agency Download
Torrent has partnered with the industry's most advanced technology providers to bring the agents a simple and effective 'download' solution to their agency management platform. Our solution is painless to download and install and integrates with over 40 different agency systems.

Policy Versioning and History
Because TorrentFlood® is based on a real-time transaction processing system, you can view the exact 'state', or version of a policy, with the capability to navigate back through a versioned history to see the state of a policy at any given date.  This includes a log of all associated documents for the entire history of the policy. You can either look at a prior version of a given policy term, or quickly transition to a completely different policy period.

Poilicy Versioning

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